Tuesday, December 26, 2006

TIPS: Enable audio click in Nuendo 3.2

Lot of people have been calling me and complaining that they cannot hear the Audio Click after upgrading to Nuendo 3.2.

This is because a new studio console feature has been incorporated in this version which prevents the Audio Click to route to main out directly.

But the Click can be routed to main out by simply changing setting in connections.


  • Press F4 or go to devices to open "VST Connections" window as shown above.


  • Select the output Tab and click with the mouse on the box in the right top corner column just where it is written Click so that the column also shows click indicating that the click is now enabled and routed to this output. You can choose any other output also instead of Main 1/2.

Hope I will keep posting tips which will help to solve problem of many musician and sound engineers around.

I will be back with some new tips soon.


  1. there is no "written click" in the output tab...what do I do to get it there?

  2. TCbeatz,

    Check your nuendo version - Just click onthe blank space and the "written Click" will appear.

  3. You won't believe for how long I was searching for the damn option to turn on the click! you saved the day!!! ahaha

  4. thnx my friend ;)


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