Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Edirol FA-101 Firewire Audio Interface

I have heard the sound of many soundcards including those expensive ones. But to be honest I liked the Analog warmth and clear rounded Highs of this soundcard without any sign of harshness.
Edirol FA-101 Firewire Audio InterfaceThis 24 bit card is easy to connect to PC or Laptop through Firewire port. Supports upto 192Khz sampling frequency. The best part is that the clock is selected and locked through clock selector knob on the interface and not through software. So you get more stability and no auto change of clock occurs during different projects.Edirol FA-101 Firewire Audio InterfaceIt has a Balanced analogue stereo master monitor out apart from 6 other analogue Balanced outs. The Input 1 and 2 supports balanced Mic/Line with gain control and switchable phantom power. The other 6 analogue inputs (3 through 8) are line inputs with attenuation Knob on the rear for gain control of input 7 and 8.

Input 2 can also be used as high impedance guitar input by pressing the seletor switch provided in the front beside the gain control.

The card has a pair of digital (optical) ins and outs labeled 9 and 10 in the front. The card supports direct monitoring with a balance controller knob in the front for adjusting the main out and monitoring out levels. It has a stereo headphone out in the front with independent level control.

It has a midi in and out also in the rear. You can provide the power to the unit from your pc/Laptop or external adaptor provided with the unit. It has a two way on/off switch to select the power source either from computer or power adaptor.

There is no latency problem in the unit and works fine up to 2ms "ASIO Drivers provided". More stable with VIA firewire card ..... my experience...... although the company recommends Texas Instruments. You can try PYRO PCI 64 but why to put extra money when ordinary VIA card works fine.

If you believe your ears then you can tell the difference of sound quality yourself after hearing the sound of this card.

Soon I will review some other cards too. Till then just make some new tracks!!!

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