Saturday, September 15, 2007

TIPS: Creating new project in SONAR LE

Sonar LE is a nice DAW for music creation. I will explain what all things you should observe while creating a new project in Sonar LE.

Go to options > Global > select Audio Data TAB as shown below.

Enable the "Use Per-Project Audio Folders" option by checking the box. This will help you to keep all the audio data related to particular project in their respective project folders. So you will not mess up all your audio files related to different projects into one single Global Audio Folder since this will make individual audio sub-folder for each project inside the project folder.

After opening Sonar and enabling the Use Per-Project Audio Folders - close the default song.

Select New from File menu ( File > New... ) it will open a dialog as shown below.

Give a Name to your project as shown below. You will notice that when you enter the project name the Path mentioned below gets modified by itself and creates a Folder with the Project Name and a sub Folder named Audio.

You can select whether you want to use any pre-designed template from the list or a normal blank project document.

Now select save as and save the project in Normal mode.

Before setting the Tempo of the project you should set Meter / Key Signature. By default, a new SONAR LE project is in 4/4 time and the key of C major.

To edit open the "Meter/Key View" as shown below.

Click on "insert Meter/Key" as shown below.

A new window will open - you can enter the values of your choice. Meter/Key Signature changes applies to all the tracks and can be changed at different measures.

Now you can set the tempo of your project. After each change you should save the project. You can further set the Audio bit depth and sampling frequency for the wave files. Open "Option > Audio...." you can enter the value for Sampling rate and File bit depth.

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