Friday, March 30, 2007

Latest fast and powerful audio workstation based on Intel Core 2 Duo processor

These days I am busy assembling a new powerful audio workstation for one of my friend. The robust system is consists of the following:
  1. Intel Media Series Desktop Board DG965WH
  2. Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E6600, LGA775 Pkg. 2.40 GHz, 4MB L2-Cache, 1066 MHz FSB
  3. Transcend 4GB DDR2 RAM 800 MHz ( 4 x 1GB DIMM's )
  4. Sony 1.44 inch Floppy Drive
  5. Seagate SATA ST3250824AS 250Gb x 2 ( Total 500GB )
  6. LiteOn 20X DVD/CD Writer and Rewriter
  7. Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 700
  8. iBall Cabinet with Extra Chassis Fan Model: - Work Horse (SILVER)
  9. Power Safe 400 Watts SMPS Gold
  10. Samsung Sync Master 940NW 19" wide LCD monitor
  11. Windows XP Professional with SP2

The system mentioned above is really very fast and stable. Since we all know that audio applications require more CPU processing power and RAM to run properly, iBall WorkHorse Cabinetthis system provides ample memory for vsti plugins to load samples and tracks. You should be aware that while using a multi-track recording software the increase in the number of audio tracks increases load on CPU because all the processing takes place in real time ( no pre-rendering). If you are using vst or dx plugins such as delay, reverb, compressor etc as inserts, they further add to processing consumption. Then comes the load of vsti which are very popular these days in making music tracks.
So in order to work smoothly you need a powerful system and the configuration mentioned above will be helpful.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

TIPS: Midi recording problem in Nuendo 3.2 with Edirol FA-66 FireWire audio interface

Problem: Last week one of my client faced a peculiar problem in Nuendo 3.2 while sequencing ( recording midi tracks ). The midi notes would not get recorded despite being played and heard while recording.
The nature of symptoms for such problem are :
  1. Persistent timing problems (shifted notes etc.) while using native or emulated Direct Music midi ports.
  2. Using emulated Direct Music midi ports often results in shifted MIDI events while recording (events are recorded too late or too early).
  3. After recording for a while the MIDI events are not recorded at all despite of being played and heard while recording.
  4. Sometime after recording you find that all the notes have been shifted to the beginning of the sequenced event.
The system was based on Intel D945GNT motherboard with 3.4Mhz dual core processor having 1Gb DDR2 533Mhz RAM and 2 x 250GB SATA Seagate Hard disk. The sound card he was using was Edirol FA-66 FireWire audio interface connected through Iogear "Texas Instrument" based PCI FireWire card. It seems D945GNT is not suitable for FireWire audio interfaces as I have faced audio problems using Tascam audio hardware also on the similar type of setup.
I connected FA-66 to other system and found working properly without any midi loss at all. I even tried VIA based FireWire card in the same system with no success. The problem is that Nuendo 3 midi port handling is not compatible with D945GNT motherboard as you encounter the problem while using this motherboard only. 

Solution:See that you should have DirectX 9.0c installed properly if you are using emulated Direct Music Midi ports.
  • If you are using Direct Music midi Ports then you should enable (check) the option “Use System Timestamp” provided in the Direct Music midi section of the Device Setup dialogue. This option uses another timing reference in your system when enabled.
  • If you are using Windows midi port then you should enable (check) the option “Use System Timestamp” provided in the Windows Midi section of the Device Setup dialogue. This option uses another timing reference in your system when enabled.
Just check the box as shown above in the figure and it should solve all your midi timing and recording problems.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Minima three column blog template

I have been able to edit my Blog template and create a custom basic minima with three columns now as you see.And the borders around are also looking nice. I think I will have to modify some of my previous postings as this new post looks better and organised. The blog template is in xml format and quite easy to modify. If anyone is interested I can post the template for download.

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