Saturday, January 27, 2007

TIPS: Edit Tempo Track in Nuendo 3

Today, I am explaining how you can edit tempo in NUENDO 3 with ease.
  • First of all you should check that "Tempo" is highlighted in the Transport bar as shown below in Step 1. The Tempo initially is set to 120 BPM.

  • After that go to Project menu and select "Tempo Track" ( Ctrl + T ) to open the Tempo track window as shown below in Step 2.
  • Then in the Tempo Track window select the Draw tool as shown below in step 3.

  • You should not forget to select the Snap (otherwise you will be wasting time in placing the exact position of your tempo change) so that the Draw tool plots exactly on the bar and not here and there as shown below in step 4.


  • Now insert the tempo using the draw tool and set the required BPM. Here it is set to 140 as shown below in step 5.


  • If you cannot draw / plot at the correct value using mouse you need not worry, since you can always change the value by highlighting the plot and inputting the number in the box to rectify as shown below in step 6.


So now you see that it is very easy to insert tempo changes where ever required without much hassle.


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  2. thanks about the help!!

  3. Thanks. It was really helpful.


  5. I did all of that but it won't work. I use Kontakt3. It recognizes the tempo change, but it will NOT play faster or slower. Any idea why? Please help

  6. But I would like to know something. I use kontakt3. I recognizes the tempo change but it will refuse to play faster or slower. Why is that?

  7. Hi MeThere,

    It depends on how you configure your Kontakt. If its a loop - it should be set to trigger through host tempo. Check the setup of your Kontakt where "sync to tempo" is selected or not. It will never read tempo change unless "sync to tempo" is selected.


  8. new to nuendo...i imported my wave files and for some reason it is playing at a very slow tempo....can you please tel me what should i do....i tried changing it from the tempo track window..but nothing seems to plzzzzzz

  9. Siddharth,

    Sorry for answering late.
    Anyway Let me tell you that normally when you import a wave file - it plays at its default tempo, even if you change the project tempo.Normally the change in project tempo only effects the midi tracks.

    But if the file is playing at a different tempo in your media player and at some other tempo in Nuendo then it seems that your project sampling rate (i.e.44.1khz / 48khz etc.) is different.

    Right click on the particular wave file in windows explorer to check the details as well as check your project settings in Nuendo.

    This should solve your problem.

    Somehow if it is not solved do get back.

    Let me tell you that there is a method of changing the tempo of wave file using stretching edit.

    There is trick for using the wave file (audio loop) in the project without editing or time stretching just like midi - read this post.

    Synchronise Audio Loops....Nuendo3



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